Sunday, May 25, 2014

Background Changing Techniques for that Perfect Picture


How many times we see pictures which are out of the world and alter the reality? Most of the ads and media companies make use of such photos or banners which are beyond the ken of a normal human being. For instance, photograph of boy flying high in air or a person standing on the wing of an airplane in motion. Everyone knows they are not real but edited ones. But still these are made to propagate the dreams and sell their products.

One of the basic techniques used for such photographs is to change background of the image. Using this technique, one can show impossible occurrences or even get the desired background apt for the photograph. In case, one does not like the background of his image, he can just change background by using Background Eraser tool. Using clipping paths can also help to knock out the unwanted background.

Use of magnetic lasso tool and quick mask mode helps to remove complex backgrounds in a jiffy.                                             
A portrait made beautiful using various techniques can be further enhanced by removing those unevenly frizzy hairs. One can also change the color of hair by adding hue/saturation adjustment layer. Or just change background to show one standing beside a historical monument, an open sea or a sought-after Hollywood star. There is absolutely no limit to the kind of alterations that can be done using this technique. The final edited version is totally different.

There are many websites available online to do these changes. Some of them as easy as clicking a button. However, for precision and perfection, experts of the field must be trusted and appointed to do the job. With growing competition, customers benefit at cost and time factors as every other vendor is trying to provide the best service to grab long term customers.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Professional Picture Editing Website is a Must for Creative Imaging Solutions

In the contemporary age, quick post processing solutions is the need of the hour. Photographers, ad agencies, corporate and individuals are scouting the net for quick fix correction websites where work is done under one roof.

Creativity involves boundless exploration and imagination. A picture editing website is a great gateway for sourcing correction artists who can do wonders in making a simple picture outstanding. With a few tweaks in size, color, brightness, contrast, exposure, focus, clarity, almost everything imaginable can be rectified. Additionally, great effects like cutting, masking and layering can create a great many possibilities. Cool effects like mirroring, drop shadow, retouching, raster to vector, closed vector clipping path, and a host of image manipulation techniques can result in superior photo enhancement. Post processing has today become as fascinating as photo taking itself. Many attractive online portals offer such services with expert editors and technicians. It is crucial that we pick the great from the average with a discerning eye and suitable needs.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Have You Ever Correct Knowledge Helps to Choose the Best Clipping Path Company?

With the aid of the Internet, it should be easy to select any offshore photo-editing firm. However, information overload prevents it and creates confusion. Prior knowledge proves useful in identifying the right company.

Felt that the deluge of information and number of low cost clipping path company websites has made it difficult to pick the right one? To be honest there are many of them providing exclusive services of photo editing and are doing a good job. Experience puts an established offshore firm as a top priority for several customers who require the services for a long time. Every potential customer needs to have a fair idea what is the requirement from the clipping path company. This determines the budget and timelines needed for the edited images.

Some factors that are important part of knowledge center of a clipping path company:

Pricing Policy

Like in most other areas, the pricing determines if the customer is willing to approach the company. Knowing the budget allows him to pick a company that suits a specific category. At times, a low cost service company works best as it can handle complex issues in a constrained budget. For example, a group of digital images requiring retouching may involve mini services of air brushing or skin toning too. It is done in an inexpensive manner, as in some regions the labor cost is cheaper. A basic service of clipping path begins from $ 0.39. A free instant quote is also delivered via email once the company knows what else is required for photo processing.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Separating an Image with Background Removal

Sometimes an image does not have a well-defined look and the process of background removal is just the technique required to make this smooth transition for its perfection.
You must have seen a photograph where your friend is standing on the foreground of a famous landmark in one city and another in the same pose? And yet not left the point of origin. How is this possible in a jiffy?
Today photo editing is a part and parcel of almost every business or even personal pictures. Amongst the most often used services is separating an image with background removal. It is a common job that even beginners learn very easily. In fact it gives confidence to the new comer who is just getting used to photo editing. And for the person who is getting it done it is a creative process that can give a fresh dimension to the visual. There are plenty of ways the process can be done. The result is always an image that one can utilize for many purposes. There is no one single way because each image comes with its own inherent flaws. Here we review a few styles of background removal, which can be applied for various projects. It involves extraction, isolation and minor tracing of clipping path to maneuver the alterations. Further amendments will mean adjustment of color tones, masking and controlling opacity and addition of special effects if any. A new background can be solid, or taken from another picture.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Meeting Strict Deadline with Image Manipulation Service for Bulk Pictures

One of the reasons that few clients prefer specific photo editing services for bulk work is because the outsourcing firm is able to meet the strict deadlines. This is possible only if certain risk factors are tackled in advanced.

Meeting strict deadline with Image Manipulation Service for bulk pictures is one of the major criterions why ad agencies cherry-pick professional photo processing firms. When a deadline is missed it is a huge risk that can get the agency fired from handling a prestigious account. For the main client the message may no longer have a meaning if the artwork is delayed and processed after the deadline is missed. Some ads are topical and need to appear in print or web or on the posters or brochures on particular dates only. It could well be a New Year message or a greeting. It could also be an important product launch coinciding with the festival or an important event. There are several such needs that a client might have and need work to be done on strict timelines.

There are other reasons why deadlines have to be met on a professional level for a company to survive in the market. And one can rely on the professionals to do the work on time without ruining the quality of the artwork.  An in depth skill to make a meaningful manipulation on bulk pictures is a focused job even for the trained person. If an advertisement is being created it (the illustration and the text) can be a driving force. A well-trained graphic artist is creative enough to sense how to use the craft to his advantage. When you have strict deadline to meet then it is a wise decision to choose professional Image Manipulation Service. It deals with color correction, adding more images, graphics or montage to an existing creative.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Making a Whodunit Shadow with Clipping Path Technique

A shadow is a created with a light source. Graphically it is done with a software tool with the use of a series of clipping path tools. A drop shadow brings reality to a visual and makes it more natural.
The wonders of clipping path will never cease. It is a simple tool; yet, it is so versatile that it can redeem any kind of visual from its imperfections. It is applicable in a variety of photo editing processes and across many photographic needs. At the moment we focus on how a whodunit shadow can make a picture look so smart with clipping path. Often we see shadowy figures in whodunit series or posters of films with detective themes. If you have got the picture of a dark, looming and mysterious shadow in your mind, this is exactly what we are referring to in this case. The shadow is clear and yet it can take an ambiguous form. It’s the component that appears like a surreal object near the main object...for example a detective holding a gun waiting in the dark alley with a single source of light-i.e. a torch. In such a case depending on the source of light the shadow is formed in the foreground, background, or sideways. If the background is light the dark shadow appears distinct. Any contrasting tone is sufficient to bring the clarity. But what’s important for the photo editor to know is that the light source will determine where the shadow will fall and how long or short will it be. If the light too close to the object then the shadow will be flashy. It will have less shape. If it is further away, the shadow contours will be clearer. The photo editor will have to be imaginative to know how the source of light will pull off the shadow from the picture. And then work out how he will use clipping path to create the shadow.

If the shadow needs to be created in the background then the path needs to be traced behind the object. And to do that the background will have to be simple. A complicated background will not reveal the shadow properly. For example, if there is a red brick wall, in the background the setting will have to be altered for the creation of the shadow (presuming it is the night scene and the sun has set). And is the shadow coming from the streetlight or a torch? Both light sources give different kinds of shadows. Both will need different kinds of clipping path style. An experienced editor will be able to determine the contours of the shadow and its light source. He will then decide how to trace the shadow on not only the object but also the surrounding components along with it.

There are different styles of clipping path tracing that can be applied to shadow work-Right from basic tracing to isolating a background and altering the canvas totally. Any company that offers photo editing has clipping path as its flag ship service. It is the primary tool to make a distinctive background or spruce up the subject in a digital photo. Along with this flagship service, the photo is given other suitable effects. A shadow can easily be added discreetly without anyone realizing whodunit.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pitfalls to Avoid While Doing Web Image Resize

In the era of social networking and digital cameras, image resizing has become a tool, which is serving the purpose for millions of web- users.

When we surf a webpage, we get to see a lot of pictures pasted over the same page. At the same time we might also find some of them to be very purposeful and useful like some inspirational quotation, some funny clicks or some rare picture for which you have been searching for a long time. When we see any of such pictures we tend to have them on the Hard Disc of our computer so that we can transmit them to our dear ones or for any other relevant purpose. In furtherance of the same we possibly think of forwarding them via E-Mail or other electronic media like social networking sites.

It’s the time when we face the problem of the huge size of pictures and trouble in posting or mailing the same. And here comes the convenience of image resizing and sending them with speed.