Sunday, May 25, 2014

Background Changing Techniques for that Perfect Picture


How many times we see pictures which are out of the world and alter the reality? Most of the ads and media companies make use of such photos or banners which are beyond the ken of a normal human being. For instance, photograph of boy flying high in air or a person standing on the wing of an airplane in motion. Everyone knows they are not real but edited ones. But still these are made to propagate the dreams and sell their products.

One of the basic techniques used for such photographs is to change background of the image. Using this technique, one can show impossible occurrences or even get the desired background apt for the photograph. In case, one does not like the background of his image, he can just change background by using Background Eraser tool. Using clipping paths can also help to knock out the unwanted background.

Use of magnetic lasso tool and quick mask mode helps to remove complex backgrounds in a jiffy.                                             
A portrait made beautiful using various techniques can be further enhanced by removing those unevenly frizzy hairs. One can also change the color of hair by adding hue/saturation adjustment layer. Or just change background to show one standing beside a historical monument, an open sea or a sought-after Hollywood star. There is absolutely no limit to the kind of alterations that can be done using this technique. The final edited version is totally different.

There are many websites available online to do these changes. Some of them as easy as clicking a button. However, for precision and perfection, experts of the field must be trusted and appointed to do the job. With growing competition, customers benefit at cost and time factors as every other vendor is trying to provide the best service to grab long term customers.