Friday, November 9, 2012

Change Background and Perspective of Digital Pictures

The viewpoint of a picture depends on the background.  The variation of the backdrop will enhance the spirit of the foreground entity and changes the perspective of the content.

There are various methods to enhance the essence of the image; one among them is to change background. The backdrop is essential to convey the message the image carries with ease.

Tools and Tips:

Change background only when it is absolutely necessary. Most of the photographers try to capture the intended content and doesn’t want to lose the natural material edited. This is the first and foremost check to be done while changing the background. Photoshop can be an undoubtedly the best tool for changing the background. Quick select tool can be used to draw a cover over the foreground entity. There are various forms of quick select tool; one is the free hand transform in which the editor can have the independence of drawing the line over image.  The next step is to place the clipped off image into the desired background.