Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pitfalls to Avoid While Doing Web Image Resize

In the era of social networking and digital cameras, image resizing has become a tool, which is serving the purpose for millions of web- users.

When we surf a webpage, we get to see a lot of pictures pasted over the same page. At the same time we might also find some of them to be very purposeful and useful like some inspirational quotation, some funny clicks or some rare picture for which you have been searching for a long time. When we see any of such pictures we tend to have them on the Hard Disc of our computer so that we can transmit them to our dear ones or for any other relevant purpose. In furtherance of the same we possibly think of forwarding them via E-Mail or other electronic media like social networking sites.

It’s the time when we face the problem of the huge size of pictures and trouble in posting or mailing the same. And here comes the convenience of image resizing and sending them with speed.

Image resizing has become a much prominent option to the picture lovers or image addicts in other words. This is done through various prevalent software which accomplish this task for you in both online and offline modes.

For an ordinary person who is not aware about the details and complicacies of image size etc. the operating system of your computer provides you with image resizing option.

It is a very simplified and much user-friendly process; it walks through several steps like renaming the intended resizing image, cropping, setting the resolution and saving the file etc.

To begin with one must understand the different image/ picture file formats, which are prevalent in the Cyberspace. The fundamental of image resizing is that we must not interfere with the format of the image because it tempers the image quality adversely, therefore we must be emphatic in doing resizing of image in the same original format.

What we must take care of is that while we download an image at our system we must not forget to rename it as per our convenience and easily remembered name so that it can be found when needed. At the time of cropping it is strongly advised that first we make of copy of the original image and then putting changes into the particular copy, this would avoid any unintended negative pitfall in the image. Further, cropping is the backbone of image resizing therefore we must be careful enough to see and keep what we actually want to have in one particular snap.

Once the cropping is done, setting the resolution of the image is to be done with utter caution and care. This would determine the final face and size of the image.

Lastly, we must not forget to save the file, so as to enable ourselves in using the image file for future purposes. A resized image generally results into a less memory consuming file and accordingly facilitating and helping in further transmission or communication of the image in form of E-Mail, posting it to some website or Facebook or some other platform where the large size of image would have created trouble in publishing.

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