Friday, November 9, 2012

Change Background and Perspective of Digital Pictures

The viewpoint of a picture depends on the background.  The variation of the backdrop will enhance the spirit of the foreground entity and changes the perspective of the content.

There are various methods to enhance the essence of the image; one among them is to change background. The backdrop is essential to convey the message the image carries with ease.

Tools and Tips:

Change background only when it is absolutely necessary. Most of the photographers try to capture the intended content and doesn’t want to lose the natural material edited. This is the first and foremost check to be done while changing the background. Photoshop can be an undoubtedly the best tool for changing the background. Quick select tool can be used to draw a cover over the foreground entity. There are various forms of quick select tool; one is the free hand transform in which the editor can have the independence of drawing the line over image.  The next step is to place the clipped off image into the desired background.

It is not mandatory to remove the image from a background and place it in another background. Changing the existing background with available filters can also be another choice. For example, an expert editor can convert a day light image into an image taken in the dusk lighting. In this scenario, one can use the hue and saturation slider to increase the color content in the photo. Similarly, lighting effect can be extensively used without distorting the message of the illustration.

Expends of technique:

Change background whenever the patron feels that backdrop is dull. It is important to improve the charisma in the image without too much of alterations.  Predominantly, the demands for the image editing firms will be from patrons looking to change the feel of their personal photographs. Since the growth of e-commerce, mercantile values of images are decided by appealing background. In both the cases, the editors work towards the requirements and complete them with immense techniques.

For personal photographs, the desires of clients are to make fancy and funky backdrops to flash their photos in their blogs and profiles. One can place their portrait in white background and apply any desired texture over it. Stripes, checks or any abstract design will do well and talk about the attitude of the person.
Commercial values are added to the images, which are to be placed in the websites to attract viewers. Such images are considerably small as their size is contended within the size constraint. Within the given space, the editor has to do magic to attract viewers. Hence they use the white background technique in which the merchandise images are placed well against the white and bright backdrops.

Change background to refine the perspective of the image and not the content. Ethically, the message that is carried should be vividly expressed in the edited format than the source. Give a try to a simple portrait and see the difference of changing backdrops. Experiment with available and downloadable filters and textures to find the difference. Apply appropriate lighting to change the time in the illustration; it gives a stunning look to the digital art. After all, imagination is to unleash!

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