Sunday, December 23, 2012

Make White Background of Product Photos and Achieve Purity

The purity of achieving the white background for product photos can be an exhilarating experience-for the photo and the customer. The exercise can reveal the quality of the final product.

Would you like to know the other advantages of a white canvas behind the products while they are being shot? No doubt, today, niche product photography has increased by leaps and bounds. It encompasses a really large gamut of services for various products that are sold online. As more items are sold on e-commerce sites on the basis of their digital visuals, it has become essential to present their detailed value to consumers who can feel them with eyes. The finer features are etched clearly when presented against the most appropriate background. And what better canvas than the virginal white that can make the most staid item look classy? Today to achieve the purity of the white background for product photos is a constant challenge. It is an art that some special professionals have been able to execute with several kids of diverse products. And how is it possible in the studios with a flurry of lights and other paraphernalia-Especially when some products demand white on white techniques.

Here is how the challenge can be countered with little pressure on time and resources.  And the entire process is a runaway hit with many photos and image editors.

It is quite well known that the background is the main prop that can make or mar the product shots. A white background has several advantages and that is why it is so popular. It is indispensable and every online vendor gives confidence to the buyer to purchase just by looking at the pictures. A simple white background is better than any other colored backdrop as is does not hide the product. The vendor is not conning the buyer by adding elements or effectives to entice the buyer. The product is being shown exactly as it will look like once it is sold. White eliminates the riff raff of perking an online product on sale. The purity of white and its shades cannot be denied. The studios that offer services of shooting products against the white background give a platform to the online vendors to sell with a conscious and honest policy.

To achieve the entire look the product is prepared for the shoot. For example a typical example of having a ‘white on white’ look is a steel item like an Apple laptop or glassware or even crystal glasses. Ideally the first thing to do is to ensure that the product is stain free, has no scratches, chips or marks. A default product can capture all the details, hence chose the right ones to be a part of the pack shot. Lighting is next most important tool in the kit. For the white background the number of lights required depends on the sources and how the products will be placed for the shot taking. This will safeguard the shots so that the shadows will not develop as a result. A reflector is also needed to cover a glint or glare that might create over exposure. Then all it takes is a camera to finally do justice to the product with the invisible white background.

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